12:00 processed as 00:00 in defer time


If I set the defer time as 12:00 AM, OF treats it as the midnight’s 00:00.
However, it can process 11:59 AM and 12:01 AM correctly as the noon time.

I think 00:00 AM should be treated as midnight 00:00, while 12:00 AM should be the noon 12:00 time.

The problem might be that there is no one right answer to this problem.

There just are a lot of different conventions around this issue and they seem to be different in different regions and changing over time as well.

By „solving“ this for one group, you create a bug for the other group.

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It certainly sounds reasonable that 12:00 AM should be the minute between 11:59 AM and 12:01 AM.

You could avoid the problem, though, if you accept to use a 24-hour clock in the system settings.

It might “sound” reasonable, but there is no “minute between” 11:59AM (which is the minute before noon under any convention) and 12:01AM (which is the minute after midnight under any convention) :)

“However, it can process 11:59 AM and 12:01 AM correctly as the noon time.”

I really doubt that it processes 12:01 am as “the noon time”

Ah, you’re right. I’m too accustomed to the 24-hour clock.

Your are right, “24-hour clock in system setting” solves my problem.

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em…Sorry, it’s my mistake. I meant 12:01 PM.
Anyway, my origin doubt was OF can’t correctly process “12:00” in its defer field. In a non-24-clock system, I think OF should treat 12:00 as the noon while treating 00:00 as the midnight.
Thanks @ Jan_H, I realized OF indeed can process 12:00 correctly if 24-clock set in mac system.

12:00 noon is neither AM or PM, the same as midnight. So if the UI allows something to be set as 12:00 AM it creates an ambiguity, is that 00:00 or 12:00 (24 hour clock)

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