2 sidebar width issues

1: The portion of the sidebar reserved for Perspectives is too narrow to contain a Perspective whose name exceeds 11 lower-case (or 9 upper-case) characters. This means that a descriptive name for a custom perspective has to be under those limits, or the text is shown partially, with “…” substituting for the end characters. It’d be nice if we had a little more leeway to create descriptive titles.

  1. The portion of the sidebar that shows Projects or Contexts is (of course) too wide. It leaves lots of white space on the right half, and when I try to re-size the column line, it won’t go past a certain point. I’m still left with too much white space.
    It’d be great if we could resize the sidebar to eliminate unused space.

@rogbar, I’ve been meaning to post about that. Thanks for raising it!

As a general rule of thumb, where there are drag controls in a window or a frame, one should be able to re-size in either direction and with a great deal of tolerance for too wide or too narrow. I know that if I could, I would make the sidebar much more narrow. I might also re-size the outline and inspector panes to get a ratio I am comfortable with. The point is, if those controls are going to be there, it would be really great if we could use them!



Whilst discussing sidebar widths, I find having the sidebar tabs/boxes not hideable and keeping the projects projects/context list open also a bit annoying. Because I have added my custom perspective icons to the top bar, so I dont really need the sidebar icons, but hiding the sidebar hides the project/context list aswell. So be good to be able to control to hide the sidebar icons separately to the project/context list, so we can gain more working space in the middle.

And resize too.


I second, third or fourth the suggestion. I’m only using about half the sidebar, and I have the font size a notch down from the largest. It’s wasted space.

It looks like it’s supposed to be able to move, though; when I click the separator between the sideband and the main window, there are arrows on both sides. Usually, when you hit the end, there’s only one arrow showing the direction you can move.


Couldn’t agree more - seems bizarre that the sidebar is stuck at a minimum of 300px which is about twice as wide as it needs to be.

I also agree that projects/actions should be able to be shown or hidden independently of the contexts.

Finally, I think that when you change the font size, the padding and whitespace around text elements should also scale up and down along with it. I think a lot of people will want to reduce the font size to try and fit more information on the screen only to find that while the text gets smaller, it doesn’t take up any less vertical space. Really annoying.

Please bring back custom themes!

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I know this will bump an old thread, but it’s still relevant.

In addition there is wasted space to the left of the status circles in custom view.

It’s surprising, given all the interest in data density and the time that’s passed since this was noted.