3 final questions on OmniFocus before investing!

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Been lurking around, checking the videos on functionality and features for some time now. and the content has been great, answering all but 3 final questions.

1) Is the app password protected?
For example, if I left my Mac unlocked and someone booted up OmniFocus, is there functionality that requires that user to input a password before seeing any of the content within?

2) Can I access a ‘lite’ version of the tool from a non-Mac/iOS device?
If my Macbook and iPhone are simultaneously taken from me or I happen to only have a Windows phone on me, could I open a browser, log-in and retrieve or see some of my info (even if with restricted functionality).

3) Does a purchase of the app on Mac App Store include an iOS download?
Think I need to purchase separately, but need to clarify this. If I purchase OmniFocus on Mac App Store, do I need to pay again on the iOS App Store?

After looking through screenshots, word searching these forums, reading the material and watching some independent review videos, I am still unsure on these two questions.

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Welcome to the forums. Glad to hear you are interested in OF. It has become an indispensable tool on OS X and iOS.

  1. No.
  2. None of which I am aware. Based on some terminal programs I’ve seen, you can link OmniFocus and Trello, which might be a roundabout way of achieving some of what you want.
  3. No. OS X and iOS apps are separate purchases, and have separate Pro upgrade purchases as well.


You could not do better.

I’ve switched back to OF after several years in the wilderness. It is the best (= most comprehensive, most robust and reliable, most feature rich, most flexible and easiest to use) tool of its kind for Mac.

You could start with the non Pro versions and upgrade to Pro when (not if!) you like it. Good luck.

I recommend buying the Pro version, if only for the ability to make custom perspectives.

So much of the functionality of OF comes from being able to filter the data the way that suits your workflow. For that, you need to build you own perspectives. It’s worth the extra money.

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Yes - Agreed!

I’ve always set my Mac to lock itself whenever the screen saver comes up on after about 15 minutes. This prevents anyone from accessing anything on my Mac.

In your Mac’s Settings app, go to Security & Privacy. Then check on “Require password after sleep or screen saver begins.”

I also have “disable automatic login” checked on.

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