A bit of assistance for a newbie :)

Hi everyone, pleasure to be here. I am full into GTD and getting more into omnifocus, and automation etc.Oh and drafts!

I am trying to hide completed tasks in my “daily review” perspective. I’ve searched this forum and tried different combos, but can’t manage to sort it!

This is basically due to show ALL open projects and completed. Also all tasks. But no completed tasks should be shown…

Could any lovely people please advise where i’m going wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Mark,
So you’re trying to show everything minus completed tasks? If so, this is what I would go with:

Note: If you’re new to adding additional “All/Any/None” groups, hold Option and click one of the plus signs. That instruction is in your screenshot, but it’s easy to miss.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for your reply! I was wanting to show all the actions within these projects, no matter if they are on hold (just not if they are completed).

I think I’m missing one function as this doesn’t show the actions, just groups. And yep to the additional groups, but I seemingly don’t seem to make a few different ones (“all”, and then “none”) work well in the same filtering…

Thanks again!

Just to be clear: My example tries to remove completed tasks but leave completed projects in place. That roughly what you’re after?

If so, maybe post an updated screenshot? Happy to try to spot any issues with the setup 🙂

Nope your way infact works, I was being slow! I hadn’t changed to “None” and then all as didn’t know you could do that combo!

Thank you!

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