A custom perspective that only shows due today

I’m trying to learn OF again and set up a workflow. I want to create a custom perspective that only shows what is due today (among other things) but can’t seem to figure it out. For example, if I have daily repeating tasks I don’t want it to pop back up as due tomorrow as soon as I check it off.

Is the only way to do this to change due soon to mean due today?

At the moment, yes.

To get the desired result, though, what about deferring the repeating actions so they’re not available until tomorrow?

If you set a defer date at the original creation time and check the task off does the defer automatically update to the new repeat of tomorrow?

Ok, it does but you still run into the same issue if you have due soon set to any time where the defer date falls into the range. I think I will have to wait until they create a separate designation for Today and Due Soon. I can’t find a satisfactory way to get around that limitation.

What if you set the perspective to only show Available items? Do you need to see Remaining or All?

Thanks! Changing it to available works fine. So, you can set a defer date for 5am on the day it is due. When the repeat logic creates the task for the next day it also updates the defer date to 5am the next day.

Appreciate the help Nosto that’s a good work around.

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