A different kind of location feature

The existing location feature in OF generates notifications when I arrive or leave a location, which is helpful. Today I find myself wishing for another location feature. It’s the analog of deferring a task for a period of time (which I use heavily). I’d like to also be able to location-defer tasks… “only show me this task as available when I’m at work”. Has this been suggested before? If this is possible with OF3, please tell me how! If it’s not possible, let me know that so I can submit a feature request (unless others already have). Thanks.


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I personally don’t see the benefit of this, though I’m always a proponent of more features as long as they can be turned on/off (or in this case I guess it would just go unused for those who don’t need it).

Ideally I believe the methodology dictates you work in the tags view. Essentially plan in projects, but then when you work, go to tags and do what you can where you can. If you’re at home, use your home label and anything you have to be running errands for or be at work for won’t be seen because you can’t do it. You could have a custom perspective like “work desk” where you include your work office, work laptop, and phone. You won’t get bogged down by tasks you need your boss for if you only pull up his/her tag when your with him/her.

Using this also made me get better at using tags. I go through little waves now at work where i do some computer work in actual programs, then sort/send emails, then make some phone calls, etc.

Just a suggestion/workaround in the meantime. Hope it helps.

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