A pretty disastrous Feedback on OmniPlan (Mac and iPad)

Hey there, whoever reads this,

I love Omni until now. Great company. Transparent and honest. Customer-Friendly.
But this image changes from now on. If I want to or not. Brand-Image-Management and -Creation is somewhat subconscious.
I bought OP for Mac and iPad. Why? Because I got major OmniFocus-tasks like “Plan the project of Release-Roadmap-Template-Creation”. Pretty big one, where the limits of OF shine through. So I use OP to outline my huge project - to get an overview about the processes and modules involved/needed.

OP COULD be great, but it is not. It is very not reliable regarding stability, bug-freeness and syncing.
I got major workflow-interruptions on the iPad. OP is randomly crashing. Dependency-Lines/-Arrows are very spontaneous in showing up/hiding correctly. Bar colours change. There are no Styles (as on the Mac or in OO for both Mac AND iPad).

Anyway, the iPad version seems quite ok to work with. But the Mac version is not really good regarding syncing and implementation w/ OP for iPad. This App seems so heavily bugged that I wonder if Omni is taking or will ever take again care of this (niche-) product. Unfortunately I realised that OP for Mac is 3 years old by now - after I purchased it.
The impulse to write this disastrous feedback derives from an actual interlude: I published my work on the iPad via OmniSync. On the Mac I wanted to open that to work on. I had about 10 crashes by now when trying to open the OP file from the Server Repository.

And yes, I wrote an eMail to Omni.

I agree. I think OPv2 needs some serious work on fixing bugs and getting WebDAV support up to snuff. They’ve damaged their reputation for publishing quality software with this product.