A proposal for Status Circles response to swipe gestures

I don’t mind the checkbox on the right at all, but I’d mind it even less if you could swipe them on a trackpad so that they not only look like the iOS widgets but behaved like them, too.

This would require an enhancement to iOS OmniFocus to allow for more than one action (Delete) upon swipe. e.g. Swipe to bring up options for drop, delete, done. (red X, trash can, green check)

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Although this function works on iOS, I think it would be an absolute disaster if brought to OS X.

OS X already has a significant amount of one finger (panning), two finger (scrolling), three finger (moving between ‘spaces’/full-screen windows), four finger swipe (Mission control) gestures.

How would it work within an app? It wouldn’t.

It could be similar to how dispatch implements their swipe feature.

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Not for nothing, but it already does work in Apps. Safari, Calendar; Notifications that appear on-screen from Notification Center can be swiped away. A developer has released a Touch UI bridge for Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut as well.

AirMail.app uses gestures, Firefox uses gestures, Clear (another task app) uses gestures, Reeder uses gestures, I don’t know that there is a list of them anywhere but it’s not uncommon considering so many people have a touchpad either integrated or Magical.

I really like Dispatch a lot but srsly? why can’t you have a quick action to bring up the Send To sheet?! I have to open individual messages to send them to OmniFocus like an animal — LIKE AN ANIMAL.

Continuing the discussion from How do we feel about the checkboxes on the right?:

As much as I like Dispatch the app itself… how would that work?

It definitely works for iOS and the iPhone, as you are able to tap on the keys on the screen, whereas on OS X, the trackpad is solid and definitely not a screen.

So you would swipe and then… pan your mouse to click it? Seems kinda odd to me.

I think there’s some references of iOS that should read OS X?

I second the request for this feature. It does exist in a lot of apps already. It would make reviewing your projects and tasks a lot faster.