A Short Term Done Log - Completed and Future Tasks

Each week I need to report on activities. Typically they involve

  1. Task that have been completed
  2. Tasks that are routine, but require time and then are “forwarded” for a due date for another week or month.
  3. collaborative jobs where I cannot do something more until some else does something, Usuall I forward those to a Due when I should hear back from the other developer
  4. Task where I deal with issues today. But then I will deal with more issues at a future due date. kinda’ of #2 above but not routine.

Now I tried set a TAG --> Done Log…

That works for active tasks… I can get a short “Done Log” for all that task that forwarded to a new due date, but task tagged “Done Log” that are Completed do not appear in the “Done Log” list of tasks. Can’t you make a Tag that “spans” all tasks, regardless of completion status?

Once the report is in, it does not need saving. I would just delete the DONE LOG tag in those task for that week and start tagging this weeks tasks as I completed them, or put new due date.

May their is a better approach to what I am trying to do. I am all ears!

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