A strange dialog in adding web-pages from Safari to OF

I use last version OmniFocus on macOs Sierra. And I used to use Safari as my default Internet browser.
For adding pages from Safari to OF I use the standard way of that - special bookmark with


But it (Safari) has started to asks me about it with a strange dialog box like this

It’s very annoying! Where I can turn off it?

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I think this is a new behavior in Safari. I’ve noticed it with ulysses:// links on the occasions I’ve opened them in Safari.

This is annoying; I get it in DEVONthink as well, and can not figure out how to turn it off, or configure it to allow once and remember my choice.

Hi @alexfriend! As @dfay and @TheWart have noted, I think this is a Safari behavior – most likely for security, so that malicious sites can’t affect other apps automatically. Unfortunately, OmniFocus can’t override or influence that alert. Sorry!

I’ve solved it by changing way of saving link to OF.
The OF Support helped me about it.

  1. I have Cmd+L for marking URL
  2. I have my own hotkey for append data to OF (you can tweak it in System Preference -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services and on the right side of the windows you have to set up hotkey to “Omni Focus 2: Send to inbox”)
  3. After that I can see the standard OF window like http://imgur.com/a/lZIX7 with URL and description