Abandoned option? [Dropped actions available in v3.4 for Mac, v3.3 for iOS]

I am very new to OmniFocus, so I might be missing the obvious. However, I do not see where you could mark an action (or a project) as “abandoned” or “will not do”. Also, in other words, instead of a check in the box, I would like an X in the box.

In the project section of the inspector there is a status drop-down. From it you can select :Active, On hold, Dropped, Completed. This refers only to projects however.

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I’d like this drop-down status to be available also for single actions: I like to keep tracks of what was tempted in a project and was finally dropped down: I write in the comments of the task why it was abandoned. Having only the ongoing or done status doesn’t help to see what didn’t work in that project

Our next update will add support for dropped tasks.


Test builds with support for dropped tasks are now available! From our Twitter feed:

“Dropped” status for individual actions is coming to OmniFocus in v3.4 for Mac and 3.3 for iOS. This feature opens up workflows in lots of OmniFocus systems, most notably the ability to “Skip” an occurrence of a repeating action. Sign up to help us test!


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Was the dropped action feature actually included in v3.3 on iOS? The release notes claim it is there.

I’ve updated the app, but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to drop a task, neither in swipe or 3D touch.

Also doesn’t appear to be mentioned in the help file:

OmniFocus will wait until all of the devices you sync with have updated to a version that supports dropped actions, then prompt you to migrate your database to support the new feature. You can see which other devices OmniFocus for iOS thinks are syncing via OmniFocus Settings > Sync > Registered Devices.

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After all my devices were upgraded to 3.3, I had to kill and restart the app on all my devices before the database migration prompt appeared. And then I had to enter my OmniSync password and encryption phrase multiple times before it was successful. It’s possible I got the password wrong a few times, but I don’t think so since I used copy-and-paste each time.

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Managed to migrate my database. Thanks! I now realise I read over the first paragraph in the release note…

@dave Might I suggest to add some kind of active nudge to users that their database needs to be migrated for a new feature to work. A badge or something on the cog-wheel icon?

I am stuck using OF2 on my Mac. Anyone think that’s what might be preventing it from showing up on iOS?

Sorry for the confusion—it sounds like you may have missed this in the release notes that accompanied the new updates, but the dropped action feature requires migrating to a new database format. You must be running the latest releases on all your devices to migrate and start using this new feature. Syncing with OmniFocus 2 would indeed prevent this option from appearing for you:

  • Database Migration — The ability to drop individual actions requires that all of your syncing devices are running OmniFocus 3.4 for Mac or 3.3 for iOS (or later). Once all of your devices have been updated, you’ll be prompted to migrate your database to support the new feature.

I’m not sure I quite “get” this. If I have a 6 monthly task “Replace batteries in TV remote” and I determine that the batteries are fine for now, does it matter whether I drop it or simply complete it? It seems to make no difference to the next occurrence.

Is this feature just about keeping a history of things you decided to to drop? So in my example you could know if you didn’t replace the batteries on the last check becuse the dropped task is still hanging around?

I guess I can’t use this if I am relegated to OF2 for Mac. All my OF3 devices are updated but obviously not the Mac using OF2. Oh, well, I suppose.

I think that’s correct. At least as I understand it. Just for a historical record to trace your action behaviour. No actual difference in checking off/marking as skipped.

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