Ability to set fonts in OSX

One thing that keeps me in v2 is that we can control the fonts.

It should be straightforward to add a panel so one can select font sizes for the various UX list elements.

The default stylings are terrible (UX designer here).

If you’re having trouble being able to implement this feature (which seems to be repeatedly asked for here) I do know some great OSX developers who can help out.

If you are a UX designer you really should know better than to make sweeping generalisations about other peoples work. Constructive criticism fine but remember all opinion is subjective and one persons terrible is another persons beautiful. I am sure you would not be that happy if people were as offhand, scathing and dismissive about your work?

Oh, BTW here you go… https://www.omnigroup.com/jobs/

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As an “old designer” that’s an odd opinion. Designers know that utility is paramount - if you can’t read it – it sucks.

You may be confusing Art with Design. Design is NOT art, although can approach Art when done exceptionally well. Design is about function - I tell the people I hire - if you want to make art - that’s awesome. Do it on the weekend. We’re here for the client.


" We’re not currently hiring. Check back later, or follow @omnigroup on Twitter for the latest news!"

that could have gone better…

I was well aware what the page said it also said send in your resume so why not put your money where you mouth is instead of putting your foot in your mouth consistently.

Honestly you are just showing your immaturity (which before you try to be clever is not predicated by your actual age).

Just ease up if you have a valid critique make it with possible solutions and you will get a friendly response not come on here being loud and frankly obnoxious.

Enough said.

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