Action counts differ in OF2 Mac/iPhone's Forecast Views? [A: configurable]

I’m noticing that the number of Future tasks listed in Forecast view differs between my iPhone (66) and Mac (61). Both apps are syncing from the same database via the OmniSync server so should these numbers not be the same? Has anyone else noticed this?

OmniFocus 2 for Mac defines ‘Future’ as actions beyond what is showing in the calendar sidebar. So if Forecast set to ‘Show only one week in the sidebar’ (from the View popover), those numbers should align. If that’s not the case, please be sure to send in a report!

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Looks like I’ll be sending in a report. I just checked everything again. On my phone, I have 65 future events. On my Mac, I have 59. When I set OF2 for Mac to only 1 week of events, it shows 70! There definitely seems to be an “interesting” way that one of the apps is calculating future events. I’m assuming it’s OF2 for my Mac since it’s giving me two different numbers for future events.


If you can attach an anonymized copy of your database (and a count on iPhone and Mac as of the time when that copy was made) to that report, it might be really helpful in figuring out where the count differs.

(Assuming someone else on the team hasn’t already looked into it.)