Action Groups and Omnifocus 3 - A few questions


Thanks. I’m building up a list of suggestions and will send them along.

Are you an Omni employee/contractor? You seem to know a lot about the development process. I would have suspected Omni has a lot of experience coding outlines and that this wouldn’t be such a big challenge.


I’m glad to hear you’re writing up your requests. They’re always receptive to feedback.

Not at all. I know about the process from being involved in the beta and having knowledge of how software is made.

They do, nearly two decades. While it is a challenge, it’s not insurmountable, given time. The outline isn’t just a plain system control (you’d be even more unhappy if it were) and requires a lot of manual drawing and animating.


Oh Dear – I hated this on the iPad. I’m so disappointed they put the inferior option on the iPhone too. I’m rethinking using OF3 now on iPhone.


Regarding collapse all, a long press on any collapse triangle with an are-you-sure dialog would do the trick for me.


OF3 for iOS has this feature. Long pressing in the disclosure triangle brings up a small pop up menu. You can expand and collapse here.

This works for projects, tags, and perspective groups (due, defer). This pop up is not yet available for action groups. I am hopeful that action groups will be collapsible soon.


The outline you see is extremely complicated and was written largely, if not entirely, from scratch.

I think we should just say things we actually know, you can’t possibly know that, unless you are an Omni employee.


I do some dabbling with an internal Filemaker database for our office, I can understand and appreciate how hard some of the most mundane items in programming can be under-appreciated.

In other words, nothing is as simple as it seems. I’m not an Omni employee but I can understand the difficulties that comes with programming. So I think @nostodnayr has some appreciation for the difficulties behind the scenes.


I’m a programmer as well, and honestly it is not that hard, we are talking about a task manager.


Programming doesn’t include just writing some lines of code. If it were “easy”, all these companies would’ve nailed it on the first try.

A text editor looks easy. What’s so hard about creating a program that allows us to write text? The philosophies of the developer(s) plays into how the program functions. Drafts 5 is essentially a text editor. But man, it’s gotta a lot of power for a “simple” text editor.


As was said above:

It’s exasperating because this decision is at odds with the philosophical approach of the app as a whole.


I’m going to guess that collapsing action groups did not get higher priority like multiple tags, batch editing, new repeat, new notifications and did not make the cut for version 3.0.

It looks like a pretty good bet that it will appear in version 3.1. It’s not in the 3.0.4 TestFlight (yet). Crossing my fingers that it makes it in the 3.0.4 cut.

There are so many features just yelling for attention that it’s hard to know which ones are louder. The Mac TestFlight and the web site sounds like it’s getting the main focus right now.

You can always e-mail to upvote for this feature and tell the Omni Humans that this is an important feature to include sooner rather than later.


Any news about Action Groups please? It’s a long time since this discussion and it’s happening again: Action groups still worse than useless on iOS??