Action Groups not working as expected

I expected that Action Groups would allow me to group things together but check them off one at a time. For example, I grouped together three items I needed at PetSmart. When I went through store, I tried to check them off one at a time. The iPhone does not let you. Well, actually, it lets you but when you check them off, nothing happens. They blink at you as a if to say ‘Nice Job’. But they they just sit there and stare at you daring you to try again.

Can action groups only be checked off as whole? If so, why do you show all actions and the group in the tasks lists? That just clutters up things. If you can only act on ‘Go to PetSmart’, just show me that.

Of course, the real kicker is that one of the items I needed wasn’t at PetSmart. So I had to open it up, move it to another project, just so I could check off the things I did get. Really awkward workflow the entire way around.

They work fine for me. How are you configuring them? Are they sequential, parallel, part of another project (sequential/parallel)? If you could add screenshot(s), it would ease understanding what you are facing ;-)

Thanks for responding but this was user error. I had grouped the items together with Shift-G to create an Action Group. However, it appears that the tasks were repeating tasks. When I checked them off in the iPhone, the dates didn’t change on the tasks because the Action Group itself has a date. When I looked in the Completed Perspective to answer your question, I saw the repeated completions with various dates.

Actually, it should really be a bug since it displayed incorrect data.

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