Action pointing to a project

In Context view I want an item to appear, as such containing a group of actions (“Project”). I do not want the underlying actions to be shown in Context view. This is not possible (as far as I know) without the underlying actions also to appear in Context view.

Tried a workaround:
Added in the “Project” group a “trigger” action as the first item. This action was assigned a tag and a defer date. In the note field a link pointed to the “Project” group item.

A new problem emerged:
In Context view the “trigger action” was visible. I clicked the link. I did not come to the “Project” group. I came to a list of Untagged actions…

What did I do wrong? Thanks for suggestions how to do. It has worked before.

Another “way out”:
Control-click the “trigger action” and select Show in Projects. A such very simple.


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