Actions missing from perspective

I’ve got a custom perspective for work tasks, which I’ve struggled to get set up correctly and I’m hoping that someone can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong.

What I want to see in this perspective is everything that I can or should do at work, at any time:

  • Any of the following are true:
    • All of the following are true:
      • In the inbox
      • Available
    • All of the following are true:
      • Contained within project or folder: Work
      • Availability: Available
      • Any of the following are true:
        • Status: Due soon
        • Status: Flagged
        • Availability: First available
        • Tagged with any of: Forecast, Recurring
        • Availability: Remaining

So there are two groups of actions that this perspective is meant to collect:

  1. Things that are in the inbox and available
  2. Things that are in one of my work projects and available, and either due soon, flagged, tagged with forecast/recurring, whatever

But it is not capturing certain actions. The main ones that I see missing are recurring actions that are part of sequential/parallel projects, which themselves are part of single action lists (ie, subprojects).

For example, I have a single action list to collect all the recurring work tasks that I do on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis. A typical sequential subproject would be something like “weekly meeting,” with the tasks “prepare for weekly meeting” and “followup from weekly meeting,” with defer and due dates that reflect when I need do be thinking about those things. Right now I’m looking at last week’s followup tasks and they are available, part of my work folder, overdue, tagged recurring - but not showing up in this perspective.

What am I missing here? I’ve tried tinkering with the perspective and logically it seems coherent to me, except maybe there are issues with availability that I haven’t figured out yet. Any guidance?

I think you have conflicting availability statements. The Availability: Available just under the project contained statement is most likely canceling out the two availability statements in the last Any group. The Availability: First Available in that group may also be conflicting with the Availability: Remaining. Use only one Availability statement, and use the broadest one you want, in this case that seems to be remaining.

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