Actions that are "dropped" or "on hold"


OmniFocus has the ability to set a projects status to “dropped” or “on hold”. Unfortunately, it seems like this isn’t true for actions. Actions can only be set to “active” or “completed”. Can somebody please explain why? I would really appreciate it if actions would offer the same abilities that projects offer.

One or more of the postings here or a blog from Omnigroup promised that a future version of OmniFocus would include an option to put tasks on hold.

The limitation until now was, the database format of OmniFocus did not support the additional designation. Or they just had not yet gotten around to making that change. Or there was not enough demand for it.


I’m going to guess that the multiple tags feature that was talked about would allow us to tag an action as dropped or on hold.

Multiple tags will change everything about OmniFocus.

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@fnkr — You can put actions on hold by assigning them to a context with a status of “on hold”. The only way I can think of to “drop” an action would be to drop the entire project.

My note was mistaken. The promise somewhere from OmniGroup was to be able to DROP a task, not put it on hold.

In the meantime, please also look at this thread for an alternative method with AppleScript.


I have the impression in my mind that OG said they planned to standardize the status for all levels of the hierarchy (task up to folder). Anybody else remember this?

Ahh, here is the info about hold and drop for tasks. So your initial thought was right, JJW.

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