Actual value in EVA

I’ve got a resource set up and connected to a task with a set duration, set up at 50%out of 50% of their time. The resource has an hourly cost. When I set the project up the planned value was exactly what I thought it would be, hourly rate x 50% or total duration in hours. I haven’t changed the task or the resource since setup.

When I ran the original EVA it gave me the planned value figure as expected.

The project is now 30% done and the task the resource is connected to has a completion value of 30%. The earned value is exactly at 30% of the expected cost at completion, so all good there. However the actual cost is showing as 61% of the expected cost at completion. Incidentally it is exactly the same as the planned value amount. Any ideas why the actual cost isn’t the same as the earned value given it is exactly on target?

@pixie This sounds like another scenario in which a sample file would be incredibly helpful! Our Support team would be happy to take a look at it with you if you could send an email their way.