Add deferred and due dates when adding tasks in outline view

In OmniFocus 1, I used to have the deferred date and due date both visible in the Inbox as well as my common perspectives. When adding tasks, I usually tab through the project and context and then add at least a deferred date.

But in OF 2, when I hit tab after the context, the task is set and nothing is editable anymore. I know I can Option+Command+3 to get to the inspector and tab down, but is there a way to do this when entering tasks outside of the quick entry window?

I just tried this, and it works fine. After tabbing through the context, tab continues to the deferred and due dates.

I did have a build about a week ago that wouldn’t properly tab to the deferred and due dates, in the quick entry dialog. Maybe you have a build that has a similar issue - I just tried on the build that’s available as of 4/18 AM.

Always be sure you try and update OF daily. They’re releasing 3 or more builds a day and you may just have a buggy build.

It does work correctly via the Quick Entry. It is when I add a new task in the outline itself (CMD+N) that this doesn’t work. When I hit tab after the context, it looks like it tries to go to the defer date, but then it closes the input. I can still click it, but I’m hoping to do this via the keyboard.


It works correctly for me in the main outline view. If I am in the Inbox and hit CMD-N, it gives keyboard focus to the new action title. Hitting tab sequentially moves focus first to Project, then Context, then Defer Until, then Due, and only then to the Inspector… I tried it in both “Classic Mode” and “Modern Mode,” and both seem to have the same behavior.

Are you on the most recent build?

I am on the most recent build. And I double checked…this actually does work in the Inbox or the Projects view. But the main perspective that I spend most of my time in it does not. Is there some setting I’m missing?

It sounds like a bug – you should report it.

What are settings of the perspective?

The only time I ever have it skip one of the fields is in the Contexts view, where it doesn’t let me manually add a context.

In a very narrow window there sometimes isn’t enough room to allow editing the deferred date in-line. In that case, the field currently isn’t editable. We have several ideas on how to improve that, but haven’t had a chance to implement them yet.

Is your window narrow? Does hiding the inspector make the deferred date field available and editable?

I was suffering form this same issue. Was conducting a review - very annoying - Anyway, it does expand and allow “due date” tabbing and editing when I give it more space, such as eliminating the inspector.