Add inbox items to Forecast Prospective vire

I am in love with the Forecast view built into Omni Focus 2.1. I have one draw back on this view. I would like to see the inbox items listed there so I that I can then better plan my day / tasks for that view. I know that I should process form the inbox but if I can look at the items in the forecast view I think I could get them organized much quicker.

I have taken a little time to draw up what I think would look good. If the items were listed out I could just drag them to the date they needed to be completed.


i like this - have you put in a feature request?

I am not sure where to do that at?

Help > Contact OmniFocus

… or …


This is a great idea. On the one hand, it does sort of go against the logic of the Forecast perspective (i.e., dated tasks), but I would also find it handy–maybe somewhere in Preferences or View there could be a selectable option to “View Forecast with Inbox”?

Perhaps a preference checkbox that says:

[ √ ] Show Inbox in all perspectives

… or …

[ √ ] Show inbox in the following perspectives:

[ ] Forecast
[ ] Projects
[ ] Contexts
[ ] Flagged
[ ] All custom perspectives