Add layers to a shared document?

Can I have a master document that is shared by a group, where each person in the group has a derivative document that is like the master document, but with a personalized layer on top?

I have a complex engineering diagram that is used by a group of engineers.
Each engineer adds annotations to the master document to make many derived documents.
I don’t want each engineer to edit the master document, and I don’t want them to each have their own layer in the master document. I don’t want them to have their own edited copy of the master document, because the master document changes every day.

Is there a way that they can create their own documents that link in the master document as a layer, and make new annotation layers on top of that?

I want the master document to be a dynamic centrally edited layer, and I want the engineers to each have their own documents that have the latest master document pulled in behind the engineer’s new annotation.