Add new tasks to the top of the list?


I would like to add a new task from the New Action button (or the Quick Add dialog) and have it be added to the top of the list in its respective project–currently it adds to the end of the list.

Is this possible?

Thank you!


Yes, this has always been an annoyance for me, especially on the iPad where it takes longer to drag them up.

Make you you send a feature request via email.

+1 for this feature

Also agree and I have sent it in as a request. That’s how OF 1 worked and it’s hard to deal with the changes . Should be a user preference

Are you sure that you remember correctly? I started OF 1 but can’t make it work that way. Anyway, I have also sent a request for OF 2.

I just verified how I add stuff and in OF1 if you drag anything from the inbox to a folder or project it goes to the bottom. Also, when you click on a project and then use return to add the new action is at the top. In OF2 it puts both items on the bottom of the list.

A bit more testing…
One quirk, in OF2 the next action is sometimes at the bottom of the project list of actions and sometimes at the top. So it’s inconsistent for me.

If I click on a project and then use return to add a new action, both OF2 (2.0.4) and OF1 put the new action at the top of the list.

I have emailed OF
. You would think this would be a basic feature or preference for software at this price level. It is counter-intuitive to be at the bottom the list, in my opinion. It really affects the view and hence productivity. Does anyone know if the change or option been introduced yet?