Add Past Defer to Forecast view

I would love to see past defer to forecast view. I try to add defer dates to things so that I only see them when I can work on them, or want to do them let’s say on wednesday this week. If I don’t complete them on this day (happens:( ) then they are out of the forecast view on thursday. Currently I often “push” the defer date to next day, but this is just added work and I may miss some stuff…
I know I can achieve things like this with custom perspectives and I do this for mostly used projects but then I miss some stuff for less important projects until next review.
I also like to keep Forecast view on my third screen at work to keep track on what I need to do (The small calendar is very usefull here as well)

So here’s my official request to add something like Past defer to Forecast view.

Anyone with same observation / issue? Or ideas to work around this (I know there are a few, but I like the forecast view…)


I completely agree.

Please email with your feature request to make sure it gets recorded and tallied.

I already sent the same in an email to them.

In short I couldn’t find a direct work-around to the method of work you’re trying to achieve.

I couldn’t find a work-around and gave up on using forecast view and the concept of “It would be nice to do this task on this day” at all. It’s either due or it’s not. I start fresh every day, scroll through all projects and ask “what do I want to do today?” It actually works well because the act of viewing all projects/actions calms my mind.

I have 4 main perspectives I use:

  • Starting (All tasks sorted and grouped by defer date).
  • Due (All tasks sorted and grouped by due date)
  • Flagged (The built-in view)
  • Projects (A giant list of all of my projects I can scroll through quickly)

Having separate starting/due perspectives isn’t as clean, but it does allow me to look into the future much further than forecast view, which I like and calms my mind. After checking those I will typically scroll through my project list (all projects and actions) and pick off tasks I want to do today and flag them.

I have started experimenting with a fifth perspective, “Next,” which shows only the first action of each project. I use this if I want to distribute my daily work evenly across all projects. That is, do a little work on each project each day. It also works to reduce the overwhelming feeling of viewing the entire project list.

Though this can be achieved by using a Custom Prespective, where the actions can be grouped by Defer Date…
Still I prefer this option… As my 1st prespective which I start may day is with is Forcast…
I would like to see, What I’ve missed yesterday…wrt Action With defer dates.

+1 for this feature.

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+1 as well