Add Support for putting Perspectives in Folders

I have a use case where I want to have multiple perspectives that are essentially duplicates of each other with only a different Search criteria. The specific use case is to show me “Agenda” and “Waiting for” context items searched by the person which is mentioned in the text. I end up wishing to have 20-30 of these perspectives at the ready for meetings and ad hoc encounters. But it really clutters my perspective menu, and I would ideally like these accessible in the sidebar in some way because as a group I need them regularly.

It would be ideal if you could create folders of perspectives, and then put individual perspectives inside those folders. Then, if that folder could be put into the sidebar and allow some navigation (popup? drill down?) into the individual perspectives inside of it.

I realize this could quickly nest to some terrible folder in folder in folder drop down menu catastrophe, so maybe folders can’t have other folders. But some way to get perspectives grouped and navigable is the hope.

This sounds like a feature request. Only official way to have it considered is by email. I suggest you use Contact Omni on the app’s menu, to get the correct address and have this added to their plans ;-)

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Thank you. Per your suggestion I copy and pasted this and sent it in via the email channel.

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