Add task with a day but no time?

Is there any way to assign a task to a day without a time? Or can we assign it to the tag that we can display in the forecast view with a date?

Say it’s Monday, I have some tasks in the Today tag the show up in the Forecast view. I can sort them in the order I want to do them today, and none of them have a time. This is a great feature and one I use all the time.

But, what if have some tasks that I want to do on Wednesday that don’t need to be done at a particular time, but I plan to do them on Wednesday? I don’t see a way to add a task to Wednesday without a time.

What I found I can to is add a task to the Today tag, and then add the Defer Until date as Wednesday. This means the task won’t show up in the Today tag in the Forecast view until Wednesday. The problem is that if I got to Wednesday in the Forecast view before it’s Wednesday the task won’t show up there until it’s actually Wednesday.

What I would like is to have the assigned tag in the Forecast View, I use Today, show up in the current day, but if you go to another day in Forecast view have it show any tasks with the Today tag that are deferred until that date. That way I could create tasks, assign them to the Today tag, and add a Defer Until date to the first date I would like them to show up, and if I go to that deferred date in the Forecast view those tasks will show in the Today tag.

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I have a “considered” tag, for things I might consider doing once what I have to do is done. These are excluded from most perspectives and have their own perspective. I then have a task repeating weekdays at 4pm to check that perspective, anything I then decide to do I flag which pushes it to my “today” perspective. This way what I might do is separated from what I need/have to do.

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