Add to a specific list through Siri PROBLEM


I´m having a trouble adding to a specific list in OF through Siri

See video

Me: "Add to my X list in OF
Siri Just to confirm, you want to add to “X” List
Me: Yes
Siri: What do you want to be reminded about
Me : ( Say the task)
Siri : Ok, added to you´re X list

But then it gets sent to the Inbox

But if Siri brings up a few list options (that have a simular name)

Siri: What list do you want to add to "X1, X2 or X3) (then she names the list)
Me : X1
Siri : Ok, added to you´re X1 list

Then she adds the task to the correct list.

This just started happening. Does anyone know what´s going on ?

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