Adding a Link in Omnifocus 3

When I use Edit…Add Link on the MAC in OF3, it reverts to instead of what I add into the URL field.

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I just tried adding a link to an item using the inline notes field and in the inspector notes field but didn’t immediately find any problems.

Can you give more detailed steps that you’re taking that give this result? What version of macOS?

Mojave. 10.14

Here’s a useful work-around. Basically:

  1. Paste the link first, not second.
  2. Then Edit Link… to insert the name.

It only goes wrong say 2 times in 10, whereas the usual way described by the OP was more like 9 times in 10!

It was provided by Meg G. from Support, on 8 Oct 2021. Here it is in full:

We do have a bug about this in our development database. For the most part, pasting in the link and then editing that link to change the way it displays works in a more consistent manner. However it can be finicky. Here are some steps that we’ve found to work around this issue:

1.) Paste in a URL into the note field for an item in OmniFocus.
2.) This URL should automatically be recognized as a clickable hyperlink.
3.) Press Command-S (⌘S) to trigger a manual Sync.

To edit the appearance of the link:
4.) Now select the link in the note field. (I find the easiest way to do this is to Control-click (⌃) on the link then just dismiss the contextual menu).
5.) Type in whatever you want the new title for the link to be.
6.) When you’re done typing in the new title for the hyperlink, press Command-S (⌘S) once again to trigger another manual Sync.
7.) You can now continue making other changes to that note field.

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