Adding alarm to task now possible with OF3

Hi and good day,

I wish to commend the Omnigroup people for adding a ‘Service’ with OF3 for those who have the Due app.

Manually select a task to which you want to add an audible alarm, then go to the menu ‘OmniFocus’ > Services > Due: new reminder with selection
and there
you can adjust the alarm time if you want.

Also you get a link back to the test in OF for reference.

Even better: assign a keyboard key in the System Preferences ( Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services ) scroll to ‘Due: new reminder with selection’ - and set a shortcut. / you need the Due app, maybe other similar apps will do, too.

Some of the fellow users may know of this approach already, for me it was a nice surprise, and proves that Omnigroup are listening :-)

with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

Wow, thanks for pointing this out! I periodically lament how Omnifocus’s reminders are so underpowered compared with the Due app and wishing that there was a way to improve them. This is a step in the right direction. I hate that in many cases I have the same reminder set up in both apps and they don’t always stay in sync.

Maybe we’ll see tighter two way integration in the future. Marking the task done from the Due reminder doesn’t mark it done in Omnifocus, and I’m guessing that a new task from an Omnifocus repeat does not get pumped directly into Due, but hey, it’s something. OF is my main capture device, so an easy to publish a good reminder is a big plus.

This is great, I created a KM macro to do this but I haven’t been able to get it to work consistently. This is much better!