Adding design diagrams and tables

I’m new to OO and using v5 on Mac.

I’m taking notes on a IT architecture project and I need to draw some diagrams and create tables - is there a way to do this in OO? I prefer not to use an external program, like Dia, to draw because the notes go alongside the diagrams; so I’d like to put them all in one place.


No, you can’t. OO is an outline tool, not a general purpose document manager.

I think the diagrams could be created in OmniGraffle.

You could probably do both in Keynote or Curio (which is a bit like a creative “kitchen sink”), but you can’t do them both in OO.

Outlines are also used for technical documents in which tables are essential. Unless it is Omnigroup’s intention to keep technical people from using OO, native table capability is needed.

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If you need this in one place, OO is not the tool for you.

Have a look at Curio, by Zengobi. You can include a wide variety of ways of representing info in it, including outlines. I use it a lot, alongside OO and other software

I suspect that OO does not support native tables because omni wish to preserve the OPML file format. My solution is to create tables in Omni Graffle and drop them into my outline. These may be edited by double clicking and reopen in OG automatically using linkback.

Take a look at Tinderbox, great tool I’ve been using for years.

the notes go alongside the diagrams

You can add a column and paste images into it.


Are there any updates on this? Is it possible now in 2019 to add tables in Omnioutliner?

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