Adding "Not" filtering functionality?

I love Omnifocus3 with new tags functionality, thanks a lot for the hard work! :)
I think there still exists some functionality to improve the quality of the product.
For example, I think setting “due date” for each task or the project is very important for GTD.
I wanted to make a perspective with “no due” filters so that I can set a specific due for each un-dued task.
A possible improvement could be adding “not” filtering functionality at least (“and” “or” could be optional).
I think someone who uses DEVONthink would agree on this subject. : )

Hi @feelthesky! Thanks for your post.

Did you know that you can already change the type of aggregate rule for new perspectives? Once a perspective is upgraded, the “All of the following” can be changed to “Any” or “None” simply by clicking or tapping on it. On the Mac, for example, I might make a perspective like you suggest with the rule:

Hope that helps. Thanks for using OmniFocus!

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Wow, Yes!!
Thanks a lot for letting me know this.
I love OmniFocus! :)

By the way, I think found a bug of the current Filter Rules function.
If I click the “+” button on the " ~ of the following are true" line in your picture, I suppose a new same line has to be created.
But it just creates another low-level entry, which I can already do with the another + button on the next line in the picture.

Basically, what I want to do is:

[v] All of the following are true
-> Availability: Available

[v] None of the following are true
[v] -> Has a due data
[v] -> Has an estimated duration

But, I can’t…
I think this is a bug, could you please check on this? :)

I figured it out :)
It is “OPTION key + click” to get what I want.
Thank you.