Adding Notes to Folders and Contexts?


I have been revamping my OmniFocus setup this week (watched a Learn OmniFocus webinar with Joe Buhlig that was pretty helpful) and find that I would like to add notes to both folders and contexts. Some of the notes would be to remind me of the groups of items I want in the folder or context, or what the key purpose of the folder or context is (as documentation), or to hold some tags and notes helpful for searching. Would anyone else find this useful?



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Ed — someone with the same User Name, name, and Gravitar posted a very similar question a few days ago: I would like to add a note to a folder.

Hi Kirby.

I posted the other day about folders. Then as I kept working through my system I realized I wanted to add comments and notes to contexts as well, and thought a separate post that mentioned contexts might be useful. Perhaps I should have just replied to the first post. Thanks.