Adding tasks from Alfred 3?

Hi guys, I’ve been using for some time now. After installing the newest macos upgrade a few days ago it’s broken because installing the rb-appscript dependency isn’t straight forward anymore

Having that said, what alternative workflow(s) for Alfred (newest Version ie 3.x.x) do we have that just work without any much fiddling on the user’s end?

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What specific functionality do you need? Maybe I can draft a workflow.

Just like what you see on the github page from the link above i.e.
Do something! @home ::misc #5pm #tomrrow //This is a note

This is a very basic version. It’s possible to improve it.

Alfred OmniFocus WF V0.01


excellent, works!
what would it take to have it autocomplete on contexts and projects i.e. i have a context called short and a macos project inside a future folder so I would write todo learn applescript @short ::future:macos


What do you mean by “autocomplete”? I don’t quite understand.

same as when you use tab in iterm for example

say I’d type todo learn applescript @s here a tab key press
then it would autocomplete the @s to @short.

I think I understand.
I rewrote the workflow using a more powerful script filter. It now autocompletes when you press Tab.
It was a little complex. Tell me what you think.

Download Link

Alfred OmniFocus WF V0.02

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Thanks! Not quite there yet I guess as it’s doing autocompletion at the task description rather than context and/or project

You’re welcome.

When you start typing, it shows all you projects. You select one, hit Tab and autocompletes.
If you are looking a specific project, type :: and the name of the project (hit Tab to autocomplete).
If you want to autocomplete a context, type @, name of the context and hit Tab.
I never used the old workflow, so I don’t know how it worked. Is this what you’re looking for?

P.S.: I updated the code. Now it show every not completed project.


Do you have a link for the new version?

Looks like it’s the same link that unlocked2412 gave before in his link. I just tried this workflow and it seems to work like a champ.

Thank you for creating this workflow, unlocked2412!

Thank you for asking for the workflow, fuxhase!

Could you put it on github so we can build upon your version?

You’re welcome. I’m glad it’s working good.

I haven’t used my GitHub account in a long time. But I will consider it.

Thanks a lot, makes getting tasks into Omnifocus so much faster…
Is the latest link the current version or the one before?

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You’re welcome, @fuxhase. I’m glad it helps.

I updated the link and numbered versions. Alfred OmniFocus WF V0.02 is the latest.

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This workflow doesn’t work for me. I have the standard version. Does this require Omnifocus Pro? Or the install of some libraries/packages?

That’s right. OmniFocus Pro is required since this workflow uses AppleScript. No libraries/packages are needed.

Everything still works for me but I have difficulties with context @.

the syntax
todo visit doctor!::project#deferdate#duedate//notes all work. But as soon as I type @ this just shows up in the todo action item.

Any help is appreciated.