Adding to action lists in OF3 for iOS

Hi gang, does anyone know how to add a task directly into an established action list within a project on iOS, or do you have to add to the project only and then drag and drop? Thanks!

If you are creating more than one task, you could use the button ”Save +” at the top of the screen for the tasks after the first one. This only seems to work on the Iphone, though. For the first task, you have to drag and drop (or long-tap on a task and choose paste, to create a task from the contents of the clipboard).

That works for creating new action lists, but I don’t think it does for putting actions in existing lists - it seems like you have to drag and drop to do that…

…slightly unrelated to topic @Jan_H , but you can do that also on the mac by holding shift whilst pressing return, therefore creating multiple lines of actions in the one quick enter window.

It works for me on the Iphone within action groups, but it’s an inconvenient solution as you first have to drag and drop a task in the action group to reach the button ”Save +”.

I use action lists to separate my projects into milestones. I agree that the capability of quickly adding actions to these lists is lacking in the iOS version. Tapping on the action and having an option to create an action nested within that action seems like an easy win here. I have to move new tasks manually to get this working on iOS and the move functionality doesn’t always work as planned, especially when the list is long.

That would be a good and natural solution!

Are you aware of the possibility to tap and hold on the button for creating a new inbox task, and then directly drag the task that you are about to create to the place where you want it, even as the first task in a new action group? It’s not as elegant as the solution you suggested, but it’s not that bad.

Don’t forget to send your suggestion to, to give them a chance to consider it for future releases.

Thank you Jan_H!!! I did not know about this hack… This helps me a lot; thanks again.

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