After I Apply Template Theme, Doc Doesn't Look Like the Template

Trying out the new OO. I like the Solarized Dark Helvetica template. I want my outline to be formatted exactly like that. Thought I could typ command + A to select all lines and hit delete but that didn’t work. All lines didn’t get selected, just the line I was in. So then I opened up a blank template, clicked Theme button, clicked the Solarized Dark theme and started typing but it didn’t look the same as the template. The font for the very first line wasn’t the same size. Why is this so hard? If I choose a template, I want my doc to look exactly like that template, same fonts, same sizes, everything. I’m not impressed so far.

The Solarized Dark theme doesn’t have level styles. To get the font in a row to look the same as the first row in the temple you have to give it a Heading 1 style.

To do this,

  • click the Sidebar button (top left)
  • then go into the Styles tab (that’s the middle tab with the hatched squares)
  • then click Heading 1

(Or else just select the row and press the keyboard shortcut - for me that’s F1.)

Does this work for you?

Yes, I figured that out. It was just kind of annoying to be shown a template style and then when you try to attempt to apply it to a template, it doesn’t look the same.