Al I allowed only one Level 1 row?

If I understand correctly, I am only allowed to have one Level 1 row per document?
I can easily create row 2,3,4 etc levels, but have not found any way to create multiple level 1.
thanks in advance for your patience and help

I made that mistake for a while and got lost in a rabbit hole trying to resolve it – In the “Section” sidebar, you can click and limit your current view to only one specific item and its children. What you’ve probably done (accidentally) is clicked on one of your Level 1 items, and so you are only seeing it and it’s children – no other Level 1 items. Since you’re only seeing one Level 1 item and its children, you can’t create or see any other Level 1 items, and so it feels like the document won’t let you create more. In reality, it’s just your distorted viewing portal. Open the Sidebar, click on the “Sections” tab, and you should see your current Level 1 item (as well as any other you may have created before you fell into this problem). Click within the Sections tab, but NOT on any of the existing items, just in the blank space below the item list, and that should bring you back to viewing the entire document at once, where you’ll hopefully be able to create additional Level 1 items.

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I can’t thank you enough. With such a clear and intelligent explanation, understanding the whole process was straightforward.
thanks again very much!