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I was watching the Learn Omnifocus session with @joebuhlig. On it he demonstrates a Project Codes Alfred workflow. I have tried to get it to work, but can’t for the life of me. It looks super helpful. Anyone tried it?

I used it for a while. What issues are you having? There are some edits you need to make in the script, from what I remember.

Do you have nvUltra installed?

FYI I stopped using it as I decided to put notes in Ulysses. I made a iOS workflow that duplicates the function with Ulysses.
See Below for an updated link


I love this! Thanks.
One problem with the shortcut-It creates an OF project with the ProjectName, but it does not seem to create the Ulysses sheet.

It’s not setup to ask for the folder ID, edit the Group in the Ulysses section. I will see if I can get and updated with prompt.

I created a group called Project Notes you can long press on the group you want and “Copy Callback Identifier”

Updated with prompt

I’ve tried it but it wasn’t for me. The project codes seemed random and I wasn’t a big fan of storing notes in text files. Instead my workflow is:

  1. Fill a template project in Omnifocus via a script.
  2. Invoke KeyboardMaestro shortcut.
  3. KeyboardMaestro calls a DEVONThink template which creates a folder structure, notes files, links, etc.
  4. Drag DEVONThink project to ‘Active’ or something.
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hey do you have an explainer or document online that explains how you use ulysses like that? i’m intrigued.

I do not. In short I keep Ulysses open when I am working or taking an online course to make notes. On macOS I leave Ulysses open. On iPadOS I use split screen or slide over while watching videos.

The project notes help when I need to write documentation. Course notes are reference.

There are links in the Ulysses note and OmniFocus for flipping back and forth.

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