Align to Shape looks broken in Omnigraffle 7.10

I have been using Omnigraffle for the past 6 years and I am surprised to
see the behavior of align has changed in the past 2 weeks. I am not sure
what was the update. The current version I have is Omnigraffle 7.10.1
(v195.9 r327375). Previously, align to shape in Omnigraffle was
straightforward. The objects aligned to the “first” object selected. Now,
I cannot guess what is going on. Align was one of the few things that was
great in Omnigraffle (as opposed to the Adobe products where every software
is kind of different). Am I making a mistake. Is there any setting that I
am not aware of?

If you check the release notes in 7.10, you’ll see there was a change made on purpose to alignment.

Object Alignment — Object alignment is now performed based on object positions on the canvas, not z-order. Align to top means
OmniGraffle aligns the selected objects with the top of the top-most object. Align to bottom means OmniGraffle aligns the selected objects with the bottom of the bottom-most object.

If you preferred the previous behavior, please let us know by emailing us from Contact Omni in the Help menu.



I sent email to support. Personally, I think it is not an intuitive behavior. Every alignment behaves differently, i.e., top align will align with top most, bottom with bottom most, left with left most, right with right wit right most and center with center most. Previously, I selected an object and then I aligned a bunch of objects. I don’t have to think about where the objects are with respect to each other. Sorry, but I think it is a terrible decision.

Sorry that it’s not a helpful change for your workflow. Thank you for sending your feedback. I encourage anyone else who prefers the old behavior to please send an email.