All of a sudden, Past Due includes tasks in the future!

So I changed the due dates on tasks for a future date, but they still show up in Past Due. I have the latest Mac and iOS versions, and they even sync in this state. So strange! Any ideas on how to fix?

It might be a bit of a long shot, but perhaps the year got set incorrectly? (This seems to happen on occasion when using the natural language date input on Mac.)

Thx, I upgraded all my macs with the today’s macOS 10.13.4 (17E199) and also updated my phone, and now all is well. So this one may be a mystery, but the case is closed for now :)

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Mine is doing the same thing. I’ve updated to all the latest systems (Mac OS, iOS), rebuilt the database, checked to make sure the year is current. But actions I’ve set with a date in the future are showing up under “past due” in the forecast perspective. Never had this problem before … Any suggestions on how to fix?

I had this same problem where suddently all of my actions appear red and show up in the “Past” area of the calendar. When I was messing around initially, I had set a project due date. Once the project went past due, all tasks associated with that project appeared “past due” regardless of their individual due dates.

After I moved the project due date into the future, all of the tasks fell into the appropriate dates on the calendar and turned appropriate colors.

Hope this helps.

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Yeap—that’s what I’d done too!

Most actions in my Omnifocus are really just reminders and don’t belong in a Project, but they have to be in Omnifocus.

If I accidentally set a Due Date in the ‘Project’ my Forecast becomes a confusing and terrifying R E D mess!