All-purpose giant outline in OmniOutliner?


I had one giant outline that I had to split up into several smaller outlines. It was getting very slow and I was having frequent encounters with the evil spinning beach volley-ball wheel of doom.


Everyone is different, but I wouldn’t want one big outline in OO, because it’s not very nimble with searching and navigating.

A couple of years ago, at the recommmendation of some colleagues, I tried WorkFlowy. The navigation was much better, but there were a number of friction points. About a year ago, I moved to Dynalist, and I’ve never looked back.

I love the ease with which Dynalist searches, links sections of outlines, filters by tag with a single click, and shows a breadcrumb trail so you can move through your outline quickly and intuitively. I don’t think I’d want to manage an all-inclusive outline without those tools.

I would love if OmniOutliner had the fast navigation, find and focus features of Dynalist, but OG doesn’t seem very interested. When they proudly announced the addition of filtering to OO, the implementation seems like Your Dad’s Outliner. I even tried kludging together Dynalist’s features in OO with Keyboard Maestro, and it still felt klunky by comparison.

I still use OO for project work, and situations where I need OPML output. For amanging the big project lists, I’m happy with Dynalist.