Alternate sidebar for viewing options

I’d like to propose adding a second sidebar which can be shown alternatively to the existing inspector sidebar for modifying the view options.

Instead of having to click on the eye icon to view and/or change the current view settings this would allow one to access those options immediately.

This would be similar to Apple’s iWork for OS X applications where one can access different sidebars.

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In the current test builds of OmniFocus 2.1, the View Options popover can now be “torn off” so that it lives in its own window. From the release notes:

  • Tear-off View Options Popover — When the View Options popover is open, it can be dragged away from the window and exist on its own.

Hope this helps!

That’s definitely an improvement. Personally, I have been wanting to see it be displayed in the Info panel. Not sure how this would work logistically, for example, what would have to be selected for the info to appear there.

It’s a step into the right direction. However, I’d still preview being able to switch between the inspector sidebar and some kind of view options sidebar.

One issue with the “torn off view options palette” is that one cannot directly see to which window the palette is linked. Another issue is the space the torn off palette takes.

I really prefer iWorks approach offering different sidebars.