Always conflicts between iMac and iPad (with OmniPresence)

Hi all.

What am I doing wrong? Or what am I not doing right?

Everytime I edit a document, almost, I end up with two documents with a title of XXX (conflict from xxx on xxx-iMac). I also have one with (conflict 2 from…)

When I got the iPad version of OO, I created a folder on the iMac, named OmniPresence, as per the instructions.

Now, this particular document (I’ve had the same problem with every document that I put in that folder, but let’s use this one document because the problem just occured with it) I did edit on the iMac this morning. Then saved, then closed the document. I did not close OO, but that should have no impact whatsoever on the problem: the document in question was saved then closed.

Later on, I open the document on the iPad to keep adding to it. After a while, I noticed that the name said “conflict 2 from…”.

Sure enough, there are now two documents in the OmniPresence folder on the iMac.

Question 1: What am I doing wrong? (Surely, it’s not OO that has a problem, it’s got to be me, right?)
Question 2: At this point, what am I supposed to do in order not to lose this afternoon’s data, nor this morning’s data???


Sorry you’re having so much trouble. From your description, that should not be creating conflicts. Please email support so we can help you sort this issue out. Thanks!

Frequently happens to me, too. No idea why. Very frustrating.

Yeah, this is big issue for me as well. I can’t use ios app as it only messes outlines up.

Hi all.

Today, I just have to add information in my document (but there are two, of course). I look at them in detail and not one of them contains the whole information. Some bits, present in one document, are absent in the other “version”. And vice-versa! As if two people had been working in the document at the same time, which is impossible: I’m the only user.

I’m sending an email to support. But what can they do?

Will keep you posted if new information develops.