Am I dreaming about this possible automation?

I’m a fresh Omnifocus user, and I jumped in a bit too soon before reading documentation and had assumed that there would be a Zapier/Javacsript/something way for me to create a new project automatically.

Apparently not?

If someone could help me automate this I would be forever in your debt, and if it requires work I’d pay for it.

I run a wedding business - I’m a marriage celebrant (officiant) - and when a couple (we’ll call them Jack and Jill) books me for their wedding (let’s imagine the wedding will be on the 1st of January 2020) - I currently have a Taskpaper/Editorial script that can create a project (Jack and Jill wedding 2020-01-01) and a series of tasks in that project, most with due dates related to the wedding date (a month out, a day before, two weeks after etc).

It would be a dream if that project and series of tasks could be created by a Zapier zap - or similar - that is fired off by a Gravity Forms form on my wordpress site, it gets the couple name, wedding date, and fires a zap or automation that creates the project.

Is that a thing? Or am I using the wrong task management software?

Could you just configure your forms server to send a templated email to your OF sync address?

That is totally a possibility - however with mail drop you can’t create a project can you?

Yes, you’re right - jumped the gun with my answer. For some reasons I was thinking you could forward a Taskpaper file.

I’m thinking now this may require an always-on Mac running OF - I’d use this approach .

Right now this is a bit tricky to do 100% automatically without having an always on mac. What you could do though is use URL Schemes on iOS which are triggered by Zapier sending a pushbullet notification (as you can specify the URL there). Ideally you’d pass all the parameters so you would just tap the notification, it would push you to Editorial and do everything for you.

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Since you asked, here’s my kooky method FWIW:

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