Am I missing something? [A: Drag the New Item button to add an item at a location]

In Omnifocus 3 ios, if I am in the projects tab with a project highlighted, how do I add directly into that project? The only button I see annoyingly creates a new inbox item.

This is something that Things and ToDoist excel at, and OF is not at all obvious :(

There’s a + on the lower left.

OK, try this for a confusing UI.

Start on page with perspectives on left.
Click on Projects tab.
Scroll down to highlight the project in the main pane.
Try to add a task.

My point is it should be easier than this

Are you not getting the + sign in the upper left? I see that on my system. Also, cmd-N opens a new task in the highlighted project for me.

Are you on the iPad? I have the iphone only and I can’t highlight a project, only tap to open it. We’re probably not on the same page. What about this video, say at the 4:00 mark:

In this view there’s a + button in the lower left of the project task list. You are saying you are in a view where you can highlight projects but there’s no pane showing project contents (and thus with a + button to add a task?) And rolian is saying above it’s in the upper left, so clearly we’re not all looking at the same things. Maybe try different combinations of portrait/landscape and pinning/unpinning the sidebars.

Yes, I am on the iPad. Its this view. I’ve highlighted a project on the main pane - you can’t add a task direct

It may not be ideal, but the ‘add to Inbox’ button is draggable and will create an action wherever you drop it.


Didn’t know that - thanks! I can live with that as a solution :)

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Wow, had no idea you could do that – works on the iPhone too.

This is awesome. Thank you!

Hi do you have a screen shot or video example of this for how it works on the iPhone ?

Sure, here you can see me tap and hold down the new inbox item button and then drag it through the outline before releasing it to make a new item:


Thanks so much for your quick reply. That’s a really useful tip to know. 👍

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Thank you Coulmac for raising this issue, it was bugging me a lot. Thanks to all for clarifying the matter.