Animated GIFs in dynamic HTML exports

I’m using OOPro to create step sheets to support Mac users in my group. To show an demonstration of a process on a Mac, I put an animated GIF in a note of a row, exported the document to dynamic HTML, and opened the index.html in Safari.

The animated GIF plays in Safari. Problem is: It plays immediately and continually, whether the note is revealed or not. The viewer will be confused since they will likely be viewing the animated GIF from the middle rather than at the start. Is it possible to have the animated GIF start playing only when the note is revealed, and ideally, stop when the note is hidden and restart (or continue from where it left off) when the note is revealed again?

For now, I’m using compressed video files to show the demonstration. It doesn’t show a preview. Instead, it shows an icon with a file name. Is it possible for the attached video to show a preview instead of the icon?