Any Perspective Template for iOS?

I am a paid Premium member of OmniFocus for iOS but often suspect that I am not making its full use because I only managed to set up 2 Perspectives after paying and using for well over a quarter.

But searching for Perspective templates on the web gets me nowhere. I wonder if I am missing anything. Does anyone know of any helpful discussion or even repository of useful models?

Considering it, I’d reckon that most custom perspectives fit within the same 5-10 basic patterns for filtering and presentation options. The real power comes from cutting through your system and its projects and contexts using focus and selections.

The question I would put to you is how do you want to look at your system? It’s fine making new perspectives but if you haven’t a use for them, what’s the point?

Mind you, that’s not to say you wouldn’t find a type of perspective you hadn’t considered and that would be helpful. Rather, just a thought to chew on.

I will, at least give you a perspective that I look at sometimes when reviewing, in addition to the Forecast. It shows all actions incomplete (remaining), grouped by defer date. (Screenshot below.)

Perhaps others will know of a thread or website with a repository like you’re looking for.

Are there any situations where you keep resetting your perspectives to a certain view? I commonly refer to my @errands custom perspective (showing only errands and different stores) when I get in the car. I also visit my @office when I arrive at work. I also have a @house project showing only house work. Or I have a custom perspective that focuses on my current Big Rock project. Oftentimes you can find perspectives when you search for ‘OmniFocus workflow’ in Google. There are lots of examples of how OmniFocus users combine projects, contexts, and custom perspectives.

I have a custom perspective that focuses on “Admin” or Maintenance tasks. I also have a custom perspective that focuses on “Big Rock” projects. And I mixed it up with a workflow idea I had once upon a time that tries to coordinate my time between maintenance tasks and Big Rocks.