Any plans to put numbers in the project and context view to show overdue (red) and due soon (orange) tasks?

In OF1 it was possible to see in the leftmost column (showing either the project or context list) where there were overdue/due soon tasks lurking - this prompted me where to be and I found it very useful.

If the same could be added to the context list in flagged view to show availble flagged tasks - that’d be great as well!


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we’re planning to restore the sidebar’s overdue / due soon badges.


… and sidebar numbers for the inbox?

Thx Ken! I’m a power user so have a lot of views :smile:

Excellent, once I have that feature I think i’ll be happy to move over full time to this version!

This is definitely very important!!!

I’m not sure if I’m missing a setting, but the due counters are not appearing in the middle column. Anyone experiencing this problem?

Awesome! I’m glad you’re restoring this feature. It is definitely needed.

Agreed! Very important function and very glad to hear it is intended!

In case anyone’s coming here wondering how to enable this feature:
Preferences > Notifications > Show reminders > In the Sidebar


As OF2 now is live its great to see this working on the default context and project perspectives. Its sad not to see the badge counds in the default flagged perspective nor custom perspectives :( makes those perspectives much less useful…

I understand the challenge with adding this to the flagged view as what should the number represent. For instance: should it add +1 to the count for a due soon item that is not flagged for instance? I think it should personally. Ie that could mean that the badge count would be higher than the amount of due tasks that could be visibible in the view which would be very confusing.

A better default perspective than ‘flagged’ I think be: ‘flagged or due soon’. With the additional view filtering of available or remaining task and due or project sorting such a view would be really useful. Its possible to add a custom perspective for this - but it doesn’t hold any badge counts unfortunately :(