Any shortcut to switch windows in omnifocus 2?

I often have more than one window open in Omnifocus for Mac to be able to switch swiftly between different perspectives.

I do so by clicking the window menu on top and choosing the target window.

¿Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut to do this or is it one already available? I don’t find it in the manual


You can use ⌘+` (i.e. Command+Tilde key) to switch between windows in OmniFocus. This same keyboard shortcut works in virtually any app on the Mac.


Thank you Tim but that does not work in omnifocus or any other app in my mac OSX 10.11.6

The function does not appear either in the keyboard shortcuts settings menu

Maybe I’m missing some setup?

The shortcut might differ depending on your system language settings. As it is a system wide setting, you’ll have to go to your system settings to see it. There you could also change it to something that might suit you better.

In macOS 10.14 (Mojave) you can see the keyboard shortcut by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts:

The Keyboard pane may be different in Mac OS X 10.11, but I think this setting still exists. I’ve been using this keyboard shortcut to switch windows for as long as I can remember.


Yep! Checked one of the El Cap machines here and confirmed that the path, location, name of that shortcut is the same on macOS 10.11.

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