Any update on nagging notifications?

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the time frame was for adding notifications that will keep reoccurring until it has been handled? I know it was moved to the roadmap for this year, but I was just curious if any update had been given.

Am I the only one who needs this feature? I don’t understand why none of the full fledged to do apps support this. I know Due does, but it’s not a full featured to do app. I have found apps that do on Android. Why not iOS? Is it because the notifications are so much better on Android? Do I just need to switch? Thanks!!

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You’re definitely not alone in wanting it! I’ve seen a few other discussions about it over the past year or two. Indeed, putting some things in Due is a sad experience, so I’m looking forward to this OF feature as well.

It’s on the 2019 Roadmap! But it looks like the majority of the Omni Resources is focused on getting OmniFocus for Web up and running like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Then they will probably look forward to nagging notifications.

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I formerly used Due for this reason, but have weaned myself off it because I hate using two apps to do the one job. The customer notifications feature in OF has helped a lot but I am really waiting with baited breath for the nag feature.

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I don’t mind the extra app. I keep tasks in OF if I want to keep a record of it in the archive. When I use the Due app, I don’t want a record showing that I completed it. An example is “take out the trash.” I leave this in the Due app so that it doesn’t clutter OF.

But, yes, nagging reminders would be so awesome when it comes.


I agree with Wilson. I use Due for drop dead tasks which come to me. I use OF when I have to work and go to look what needs doing.

Due is used for “disposable” repeating stuff and one offs I won’t care about in a week, never mind a year. “Put the bins out”, “Take Tablets”, “Water Plants” or “tell my wife X tonight”

I like the separation.

I do really need it too

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I agree! Please make a nagging due date and time!

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