Any way to display "show perspectives" in Tabs?

I would like to be able to show “shoe perspectives” in one tab rather then an extra window. Any way to do this?

Is there also a way to group perspectives in the perspectives window? I have so many perspectives right now and loosin track of my perspectives if they cannot be grouped.

This looks like a case for KeyboardMaestro or if you have a touch bar MacBook Pro “better touch tool” Both will allow you to automate opening a series of tabs with different perspectives from one keystroke/button or palette.

You can also logically divide perspectives in the OF menu by using empty perspectives with a few dashes in the title. ------

For iOS you can use shortcuts “dictionary” function to create a menu of related perspectives to achieve a similar thing. If you end up with several of these you can group them together inside another shortcut allowing you to select which shortcut to run…

Sounds a bit “inception” but it works.

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Command option tab creates new tabs.

Here was a post I wrote up about grouping perspectives with keyboard maestro

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